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The Church of Love

Amare Ministries is an Interfaith, Non-Denominational Free Church.
We Provide Pastoral Counselling, Charity Fundraising, and Wedding Officiant Services.
All Are Welcomed

Our Mission

We strive to demonstrate harmony and understanding of all faiths in God's grace .

Weddings & Renewals

Beautiful, heartfelt wedding ceremonies and vow renewals done to your wishes.

Pastoral Counselling

Couples and individual relationship counselling, that is strongly focused on faith.

Charity Fundraising

Helping couples communicate and comprehend their shared faith more effectively.

Our founding Pastors, Dwayne & Lisa Coots.


We believe it's important for our church to know what we value and understand the vision for our future.

As we navigate these uncertain times, the foundational principles of faith, charity, and loving service to all is our mission. We pledge by faith to walk in the light of peace and joyous observance of the examples of logos.

We strive to promote harmonious coexistence, without harshness or hard judgement.  

Our faith calls us to be a 'free church'. Amare Ministries is the Church of Love. Through faith we claim the authority to worship as we are called, and to express our faith without interference from bureaucracy of governments or the statues of men.

We solicit no donation, contribution or tithe.

Weddings & Vow Renewals

We've officiated dozens of weddings and it's one of our most cherished callings. We stand ready to help you plan your ideal spiritual matrimonial event.

Contact Amare for assistance with ceremonies and vow renewals. We officiate weddings for couples of all faiths and genders. 

Interfaith PAstoral Counselling

Serving & Sharing Understanding in Faith with Couples and Individuals

We provide one-on-one or couples relationship counselling to peoples of all faiths. 

Our caring and discrete coaching is performed with compassion and understanding. We are here for you. 

Charity Fundraising

Helping the Community and Those in Need

Working for Worthy Causes Throughout the Acadiana Area

Whether it be circumstance, illness, or other crisis; Amare Ministries is willing to help. We can help with fundraising benefit events and charity auctions to help your family!

Reach out to us. Let's work together to face the challenges that make our faith stronger.

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